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There's No Place Like This Hotel

The goal of Personality Hotels is to gap the distance between residence and hotel: to provide guests the best of home life in the most desirable environment away from home. To create harmony with elements of style and real living in prime locations.

"There are so many types of travelers with a variety of tastes. We try to accommodate a multitude of preferences, leaving no concept unexplored," explains Yvonne Detert, president and owner of Personality Hotels. With the collaboration of an A-list of architects and interior designers, Personality's San Francisco boutique hotels showcase a diverse palette of "personalities."

The distinctive styles of Personality Hotels' group of San Francisco furnished apartment properties: Hotel Union Square, Kensington Park Hotel, Hotel Diva, and Steinhart Hotel, are all complemented by polished service and extreme comfort. "It is important that whatever style the guest house, the service and accommodation are reflective of our strong desire to please," states Ms. Detert.

If you're seeking a conveniently located luxury hotel in Union Square, the Personality Hotels are all within walking distance of great shopping, theaters, restaurants and the Financial District.